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May 20, 2017 – iAG Publishing has announced that they will be releasing an inspiring book titled ‘The Life of Liam: Seeds of the Mind’ on Saturday, May 22nd 2017. The book is co-authored by a motivated couple of Marla York and Lester Bell Jr. and it will be available online on the web and Amazon from May the 22nd. The book will be first in the ‘Life of Liam’ series and the couple has announced that they will be releasing a new book each month. Upon the launch, the first 50 readers to purchase a book will also get a pack of crayons for the coloring book section in this amazing children’s book.

Life of Liam is about a child named Liam, who begins to understand how thinking can affect his everyday life. As he grows up, he learns the differences between negative and positive thinking. The authors have taken readers to a an amazing journey alongside Liam and according to the initial feedback received by the book, it is not only a perfect read for the children but people of all age groups can enjoy this book equally. However, the book is originally intended for the age group of newborns to 10 year olds. Moreover, the book has 40 pages and also includes a coloring section for the children to color a few of the scenes from the storyline.

“We want to influence the greatness and encourage the creativity in kids at a young age,” said Marla York, the co-author of this book. “We believe that the stories will teach them the morals they need to live a full, happy life,” she added. Marla and Lester have been in a committed relationship for over a year and the inspiring couple has embarked it upon themselves to contribute in shaping a new generation that is all about love and positivity to promote peace and Godliness in humanity’s future.

According to Lester Bell Jr., the couple had been planning for a long time to launch this project and they are very excited to see their dream come true. Moreover, the couple also expressed their gratitude for all the parents who have been supporting them throughout this journey. According to Marla, the book will have positive effects on a child’s mind from a very early age and will influence them to start believing in themselves. The couple is determined to change the generations of the future and has requested parents from all around the world to support them in the launch of this amazing book and the remaining books of the series.

For further information, please visit: www.LifeofLiam.com

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