Meet the New City Smart Electric Assist Bike— Airwheel R3

Airwheel R3 citizen folding electric bike was just unveiled in earlier 2017 that is to offer to riders a raft of comforts and convenience. Ride unimpededly, and enjoy the perfect experience. The detailed information is as follows.

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Recently, Airwheel has released several new models of e.g. C6, C8 smart helmets, F3 UAV and R3. The Airwheel R3 electric moped bike offers to riders a raft of comforts and conveniences, including three ride modes, modular design and foldability. Riding regularly is good to improve the comprehensive physical quality. Some people choose jogging in the open air, but it is too monotonous if jogging for a long time. In the meantime, some people would like to take exercise in gym. However, playing with those stationary equipment every day will gradually whittle down people’s passions to exercise. The advent of Airwheel R3 electric aided-bicycle radically smashes traditional exercising modes, which makes people fall in love with taking exercise from now on.

electric aided-bicycle

The three ride mode is the highlight of Airwheel R3 electric moped bike. There are three different ride modes, namely man-powered mode, power-assisted mode and electricity-assisted mode. Riders empower to alter riding styles of man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles freely. As a result, it can be ridden like traditional bikes to build up your body in man-powered mode and it can be powered totally by electricity. More importantly, riders can combine both ride modes and realize power-assisted mode so that riders can achieve a longer range on a single charge.

Airwheel R3 citizen e-bike

In Airwheel R3, Airwheel dispenses with the previous charging port and instead adopts the widely used USB. USB port enables Airwheel R3 citizen e-bike to be compatible with more power source. Most importantly, the UBS port can offer a possibility to charge the mobile phone of the owner via USB cable. That way, the user can charge his mobile phone as he steers Airwheel R3. R3 can make you lead a more brilliant life. When you set feet on it, you will feel excited. And this is only the beginning. The new R3 electric assist urban bike is so appealing that people can hardly tear themselves away from it. Now, meet the new electric power bicycle— Airwheel R3.

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