Standing Up – Homegrown Comic Rolls Out Red Carpet for #pussygaloretour Comedy Album Taping at Black Cat. Declares “Safe Space” for Laughter in D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC – 22 May, 2017 – Elizabeth Croydon has declared a “Safe Space” for laughter in D.C. May 26th 9pm at the Black Cat, and is rolling out the red carpet for defiant laughter at her first comedy album taping. “Unlike Congress and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, I will not prosecute and convict ANY audience member for laughing,” Croydon promises. The #pussygaloretour features local area funny femmes Gigi Modrich, Sarah Roche, Cristina Payne, and Valerie Paschall with Elizabeth putting herself in the line up to headline. She has opened for such greats as Joe Rogan, Cheech and Chong, and Leslie Jones but this is her first time ‘living in the limelight’.

Croydon quotes rock lyrics and does espouse politics. She believes in rockandrollatics. Playboy hailed her early in her career as ‘part Zen Master, part stand up comic’. Given the title ‘D.C.’s nastiest woman, Croydon is ‘politically errect’ -an ‘iron clit in a velvet glove’. Tickets are on sale through and “The government is persecuting people for laughing now. My friend Desiree Fairooz is facing a year in jail. Smells like teen fascism. I declare a safe space for laughter at our show.” Purchased in advance tickets are $15. $20 at the door with a $5 discount IF .. you wear your pussyhat. Welcome to the #pussygaloretour.

Deciding to go into theatre to instead of archeology in the third grade, Elizabeth is homegrown talent. Beginning in the public school summer programs montgomery County Maryland offered for kids gifted in the arts her training led to performing at The Kennedy Center as a youth. Duke Ellington School of the Arts, The Folger Shakespeare Conservatory, Studio Theatre,Round House Theatre, Arena Stage all had a hand in shaping her as an artist. She performed with  Washington Jewish Theatre, Glen Echo Childrens theatre, and Washington Shakespeare Company. Attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City was interupted to study Aikido briefly under Steven Seagal, as her foundation for Aikido at the Shobukan Dojo in takoma Park inspired a screenplay she still has intentions to produce but claims she has to work up to the budget. Her first feature narrative “Washington Interns Gone Bad” was shot locally in 2002 and some of the movies cult following claim the opening credits inspired the opening sequence to “House of Cards”. Enjoying some awards and some notority given to the movie due an entanglement with Senator Rick Santorum, Croydon has gone on to produce two more feature narratives.

The first movie she directed, a short called “Baristo” won an award at its debut in New Mexico. Needing to get as far away from W’s White House as possible in 2002 , having played an instrumental role in the innaugural protest Elizabeth took off across the country. A plot twist in her plans landed her at The World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Strip without a place to live and the comic took her in and gave her shelter. Out of the gate she won a small appearance on the ‘Tonight Show’, ‘Last Comic Standing’, and National Lampoon’s “Master Debaters” created by Washingtonian talents Alex Burger and the late Matthew Ornstein. She was damed a ‘Master Debater’ in honor of the 25th Anniversary of “Animal House”. Croydon’s all time favorite movie.

Returning East after two years working on films in New Mexico, Elizabeth set out to create her headlining set. Partnering with Elevated Events Group, her last show sold out with tickets starting at $30. Partnering with Valerie Pascal’s production company Lousy Humans for #thepussygaloretour Elizabeth hopes for another epic turn out. “I am excited and humbled to appear with the women on this line up and my only complaint is that I could not book more of my favorite femmes.” Other projects in her pipeline of production include a collaboration with two teen filmmakers on a documentary comparing President trump to Kaiser Willhelm and D.C. Comics to the Russian circus clown Durav who trained a pig to fetch a general’s army helmet on the command “Ich Ein Helm” which both means “I am in charge” and “I am Wilhem”. #BAE aka “Blazed and Enthused” is her podcast readying to launch officially, and another screenplay is in the works. “I’m a workaholic,” Croydon says matter of factly. “Thank gosh my work is fun.”

Croydon’s brand of comedy is part improv, part penned wit, and stories from her life which has taken interesting turns since this election. Wrongfully arrested April 20th while conducting the First Joint Session for Congress, Elizabeth was kept overnight with 7 other arrestees and released without charges. However, unless the government extends an offer, Croydon faces trial on her birthday October 12th for speaking against the confirmation of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions during Congress. “I did a little more than laugh,” she nervously chuckles. No stranger to politics Elizabeth ran for Congress in the 8th district of Maryland and placed second in the Green Party primary. “I consider it a success as I had no interntion of running against jamie Raskin. I placed second in my party on a budget of $575.63. David Trone spent $12 million to place second in his party. I put the you in Frugal,” she laughs gregariously.

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