GoChat, the Public Group Chat App that Aims to Change How the New Generation Networks

Dubai, UAE – Youngsters today are hooked to chatting, but they also want quick access to local groups and networks devoted to the issues they care about. Giving them exactly this is GoChat, the public group chat app which allows users to quickly tap into conversations happening around their topic of interest, or join an exclusive local or global community for round the clock updates.

Looks like no one thought of this before. GoChat is no ordinary chat app, for it doubles up as the easiest way to join conversations happening around trending topics. Or discover new people and places. It’s as easy as search, join, and start streaming information on the screen. GoChat is designed to be flexible, and so a user can begin a private chat, or go public. There is also a view-only messaging feature to keep messages flowing one-way.

Today’s youth wants to stay tuned to events as they unfold, listen to others, and voice their opinion. That’s where GoChat scores over other generic chat apps that seem to have outlived their purpose in the fast changing world order where timely information is of essence.

The features on GoChat open up endless opportunities with multi-media features, all in real time. Use it as a private source of information, receive alerts and messages for local events, join cause-based local or global communities, post updates using images, video or audio, or make important announcements. GoChat is meant to ensure everything works out smoothly and with little effort.

“With GoChat, we are aiming at an app that allows users to communicate within any location with ease, and to interact with likeminded people using its topic-based, public group chat features,” said Jai Rangwani of GoChat.

As a group chat app, GoChat is truly revolutionary in the ease with which users can quickly grow their friend circles and network. All that the user needs to do is select their topic of interest, search for local or global groups and start a conversation. GoChat is available for download for both Android and iOS.

To know more, please visit: www.TheGoChat.com or watch a video here: https://www.facebook.com/TheGoChat/

App Store: bit.ly/GoChatApp
Play Store: bit.ly/GoChatPS

Media Contact
Company Name: GoChat
Contact Person: Jai Rangwani
Email: jai@thegochat.com
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: http://www.thegochat.com/