You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage: The Perfect Groom Gift This Wedding Season

LONG BEACH, CA – 22 May, 2017 – Peak wedding season is approaching and for the more than 2 million guys who get married every year in the United States many – if not most – have no clue about what to really expect after they say, “I do.” Many newlywed husbands find themselves confounded and surprised when their wife throws them a “curveball,” when they weren’t even expecting a pitch from her.

For example, does a newlywed guy know the 10 Fatal Words his wife will spring on him in the days leading up to her birthday? It’s a test most husbands fail. Does a guy know why he should avoid watching a romance film with his wife after a few years of marriage? Does he know why he should never throw away his wife’s prized bag of bags? The answer to these and similar questions is an emphatic no. Newlywed or soon-to-be-wed guys need a fun marriage coach – a guy who has years of experience as a husband – they can relate to and learn from.

How can a groom prepare himself for what to really expect from marriage and mitigate the chances of eventually hearing “You exhaust me!” from his wife? For starters, he can read You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, the only marital guide written by a once-clueless husband for clueless guys everywhere. You Exhaust Me is written by first-time author, Bob Marsocci, who has been married for more than 20 years (and counting).

“Like a lot of guys, I was clueless when I got married – you might even say I was naive about what was expected of me as a husband,” said Marsocci. “I wrote You Exhaust Me because I realized after talking to several other married guys, that they too were naïve about what to expect from marriage and their respective wives. Then one day it hit me: there must be guys everywhere who could benefit from my experience and lessons learned, often the hard way. I have climbed Mt. Marriage – albeit having tumbled down its backside many times – and I want to help guys, whether they are newlywed, soon-to-be wed or already married, reach the proverbial peak.”

You Exhaust Me provides helpful and revealing advice about the common and not-so-common trials and tribulations of married life based on Marsocci’s experience as a husband. “I want my readers to learn and benefit from my experience and, frankly, mistakes I’ve made as a husband over the years, such as when I threw away my wife’s bag of bags,” said Marsocci.“Most guys don’t even know what a ‘bag of bags’ is. If they read my book, they’ll learn what it is and why they should stay away from it.” Marsocci continued, “While marriage can be a beautiful and sacred institution, it can also be frustrating and difficult at times. If a guy wants to keep his wife happy and avoid hearing “You exhaust me!” from her, reading my book can help.” 

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A New England native, Bob Marsocci resides in Long Beach, California with his wife and three daughters. You Exhaust Me, A Clueless Guy’s Guide to Marriage, is his first book. Bob holds a journalism degree from the University of Rhode Island. Before becoming an author, he spent more than 20 years in corporate communications roles.

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