Introducing Chosen Kin Origins: A Series Made By Comic Fans For Comic Fans

These days, it can seem like every time a comic book is made into a tv series or a movie, it is just another low-quality reboot. Today, a little-known series by the name of Chosen Kin is launching a Hollywood-quality origins series.

In today’s competitive business world, almost all of the big entertainment production studios that create comic-book-based media continuously produce remakes rather than give lesser known superheroes a chance to shine. In fact, some of the most mainstream superheroes have had ludicrous numbers of feature-length films produced about them. For example, Spiderman in this decade alone is planned to have seven official films featuring the character.

This phenomenon is simply because reboots and continuations of series are ‘safe bets’ for film producers, as the name brand title is sure to attract a mainstream audience. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this business practice, many true comic book fans are annoyed by the resulting lack of variety in the genre of comic book media. Here to remedy this issue is an up and coming film studio, iSparked Studios, and its latest product: Chosen Kin Origins.

Chosen Kin Origins provides the backstory to a variety of superheroes that are truly new to comic fans as these heroes prepare to save the world. Almost all of these superheroes in the making begin the story with little to no knowledge of their special talents. However, through the pressures they face throughout the plot as they are reminded of or put through traumatic times, they see the strength of their untapped powers and eventually learn to control these powers. Every hero is unique, from Angel who telepathically reads and controls minds to Yuki who owes half of her DNA to another race called Apoks, leaving viewers with a diverse cast of characters to enjoy.

Perhaps what truly sets the Chosen Kin series apart from the rest is the quality of the production. The production crew includes members with experience on sets including Furious 7, First Sunday, and Creed and other Hollywood-level productions. The sound effects team is stellar, and the cast includes people like Johnny Markham as Mace with fourteen years of acting experience and Angelique Pereira as Angel starring in her own BET television series.

However, completing this team for truly high-end production quality requires the hiring of a few more cast members and special effects team members. To achieve this goal, Neko Sparks, an actor in and director of the film, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can pre-order the series and receive a variety of other perks. With the support of readers, Neko Sparks and his team aims to bring a stunning new series to comic fans everywhere.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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