Introducing Lou Black, A Classy, Sustainable, and Ethical Clothing Brand

These days, it can seem like the only concern that businesses have is whether or not they are ‘competitive.’ As a result of this competitive drive, many big businesses cut a variety of corners in ways that are seldom seen by the public. Sadly, the textile industry is riddled with much worse and more serious violations. In fact, it is common for textile companies to export labour to sweatshops where laws are relaxed, and workers barely survive.

This is exactly what Louise wanted to change when she founded Lou Black. Lou Black is a high-end fashion brand with the goal of producing chic and modern products while employing responsible production and business practices. As a result, Lou Black aims to set itself apart as a luxury brand for reasons beyond the price tag; instead, Lou Black’s luxury lies in its sustainable sourcing, responsible production and the sheer quality of its products.

The first collection produced by Lou Black contains all of the essentials. These items are simple, yet classy, making them easy to stylize and incorporate into a variety of outfits. This line includes the Shartie Shirt, the Tara T-shirt, the Dani Blouse, and more. All of these items are produced in simplistic black and white, making them formal enough to be worn with heels, yet they can be styled to be casual enough to be worn with sneakers.

Lou Black has made a commitment that all production is responsible. Initial production will be in Europe under Louise’s direct coordination and overview. Furthermore Louise has made a promise to give back to the community through Lou Black, as such fifteen percent of all profits go directly to a charity chosen by a vote of Lou Black customers. To celebrate the launch of the brand and help support it during the first round of production, Lou Black has opened up for pre-orders on Kickstarter. Supporters will receive an array of things ranging from clothing to Lou Black launch party tickets. With this support Louise aims to grow Lou Black into a sustainable and ethical business that produces high-class products.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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