Quality X-ray markers and Radiation Protection Eyewear Available at Kemper Medical Inc.

Online medical supplies company, Kemper Medical is offering a wide selection of high-quality X-ray markers and radiation protection eyewear for healthcare professionals and physicians through their website. The company supplies hundreds of products online by the leading brands including MYM, R & L, and Elite for X-ray markers, and Nike for protective glasses.

In terms of X-ray markers, Kemper Medical supplies 125 products comprising of the latest types of markers developed through advances in medical science. These include classic elite markers that fit in with today’s advanced imaging procedures, clip markers for portable imaging, wafer thin markers suitable for newer digital equipment, and copper backing for use of radiology equipment, which have higher kilovolt (KV) settings.

Kemper Medical’s X-ray markers are specifically aimed at radiological professionals and help them distinguish the left and right side of a patient’s body. Markers are useful for recording data such as the position of the body, the date time of the X-ray, and the radiographer’s name and initials. In addition, they are particularly important for preventing an improper diagnosis of dextrocardia, a congenital condition where the heart is situated on the right side rather than the left, and situs inversus where all the internal organs are on the opposite side to normal.

Kemper Medical also has a wide range of premium radiation protection eyewear. All glasses available in the site contain lead in the optical lenses, which reduces the radiologist exposure to radiation. This is important as physicians who operate radiological equipment such as a fluoroscope are exposed to primary beam or scatter radiation, which can lead to damage to the conjunctiva, iris, sclera, blood vessels, and retina. All eyewear supplied by Kemper Medical are made from superior quality Schott German optical lenses with a lead equivalency of 0.75mm for maximum protection. Moreover, the company provides a wide range of styles, which are CE Certified for radiology and fluoroscopy in Europe.

Kemper Medical was founded by Greg Kemper in 2008. Since then the company has grown to become a worldwide distributor of premium medical supplies made by 24 brand name manufacturers that have the best reputations.

Prospective medical clients can browse the full range of products at www.kempermedical.com

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