Get Ready For The Season With XpandaHose, The Garden Hose Seen On Every Major News Station

Scotch Plains, NJ – The wildly popular XpandaHose – the flexible, expandable, 75ft water garden hose – has taken America by storm. J&B Merchandise, LLC, the company behind the innovative hose, is proud to announce that, ahead of the summer season, it has increased production to meet the great demand for its product, as thousands of Amazon customers flock to its store on a daily basis, to get their very own XpandaHose.

J&B Merchandise, LLC, lawn care specialists have used their expertise and combined wit to create the company’s highly successful J&B Lawn product line, taking painstaking care of all of XpandaHose’s design details, to ensure the product’s durability, longevity, and performance. Lightweight and collapsible, the XpandaHose is easy to both use and store. The hose measures without water at 25ft so it’s easy to store but when filled with water it expands to 75ft.

Outfitted with solid brass fittings, which are safe against breakage, cracks and leaks, the XpandaHose comes with a 10-setting spray nozzle, which allows customers to choose between a fan, cone, center, jet, mist, soaker, flat, angle, shower or rinse setting. Thanks to the ingenious hose-nozzle combo, customers can use their XpandaHose for far more tasks than simply watering their garden – such as window cleaning, car washing, giving their pet an outdoor bath, and much more.

“The XpandaHose has gained the trust of a sizeable portion of the Amazon community,” said Mr. Brian Reintgen, J&B Merchandise, LLC, media representative. He continued, “We are delighted to receive feedback from satisfied customers, who tell us of how purchasing XpandaHose was the best investment they made for their lawn and garden care, as its superior quality and sturdy built effectively eliminated the need to purchase a new garden hose each year. It’s no wonder XpandaHose is on track to become an American household staple!”

The company has shared that it is working around the clock to keep replenishing its Amazon stock in light of the recent order surge, while, in the coming month, J&B Merchandise, LLC has intimated that it is set to release a 50 ft XpandaHose model.

Taking pride in offering superior customer service, J&B Merchandise, LLC representatives are quick to respond to customer questions, often within minutes of their submission.

Customers wishing to purchase their own XpandaHose are advised to do so, fast, in order to make sure that they are adequately prepared for when temperatures start to rise in their respective areas.

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