Beautifully-Designed GAIA Playing Cards Now Available on Kickstarter

Palm Beach, FL – On May 15 2017, Forge Arts launched a Kickstarter campaign for GAIA Playing Cards, a 100% custom hand-drawn deck of 54 playing cards featuring rich artwork of animals and the biomes they encompass.

“Just like our planet, the court cards of the GAIA deck are divided by biome—the plants and animals found in a certain climate. The rainforest, the savanna, the tundra and the alpine climates are all represented,” the team explained, “Each ace is customized with art to match its biome, and the number cards feature exquisite patterns within their pips. The deck is rounded out by two unique chimpanzee Jokers.”

GAIA Playing Cards were inspired by James Lovelock’s groundbreaking Gaia Hypothesis in the 1970s. His hypothesis proposed that our planet could be viewed as a single, self-regulating system, in which animals shape their environment and vice versa. His metaphor forever changed how we see our world, with every plant and animal forming a vital, interlocking piece of the whole.  

Now talented 17-year old UK illustrator Ben Sinclair is celebrating these interconnections with his magnificent and colorful GAIA Playing Cards, packed with exquisite animal sketches and “biome-themed” suits. The GAIA Playing Cards deck is being printed by the United States Playing Card Company in a 2,500 deck Limited Edition that will be available exclusively to Kickstarter backers.

“GAIA is a detailed and unique playing card project that took over a year to bring to perfection. Our aim was to appeal to the playing card community of collectors and enthusiasts while also offering a deck that celebrates nature and wildlife,” said the creator, “We’re excited to bring this deck to Kickstarter and our forecast is to ship the decks in September upon successful funding of the project.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one deck for $14, two decks for $26, up to $230 for 24 decks.  

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Forge Arts
Contact Person: Matthew Preuss
Country: United States