‘Prepper Supplies Checklist’ Wins Preppers Over with Systematic and Fun Approach to Emergency Preparedness

Idaho, USA – If there is anything that preppers and survivalists fear the most, it is not knowing how they measure up with their emergency preparedness. To help them check their readiness and keep track of the essentials, blogger and author Nettie David has come out with her new book, Prepper Supplies Checklist: A Simple Guide to Emergency Preparedness.

‘Prepper Supplies Checklist’ is a quick, 20-minute, read and functions as a workbook to aid preppers in getting a clear view on where they stand on the prepper journey, from finding out the right gear supplies to knowing and developing a preparedness plan while marking milestones achieved. The book uses stories, photos, illustrations and tips and ideas to take preppers through the most essential requirements, such as lists of survival supplies, formulas for calculating supply needs, prioritized list of preparedness categories, and simple strategies for setting up goals. Also included are checklists, progress tracking frameworks and a prepper calendar.

“Over the years, I’ve had many requests to create a book about a simple guide to being prepared. Readers wanted a system that could help them prepare for a disaster. They also wanted a way to keep track of the supplies they had and determine what they still needed,” says Nettie.

‘Prepper Supplies Checklist’ is exactly what every prepper looks forward to, an easy to read, simple workbook that is loaded with resources and information to brighten up and bring order into the prepper world. Every section of the book is carefully written to help preppers evaluate their supplies and their locations, get ideas on where they lack, and measure their progress.

“Great book! Lets me create my own personalized list while offering suggestions. Interesting and fun stories that provide insight as to why certain suggestions were offered. Didn’t get the doom and gloom feeling, but positive motivation for getting my house in order for whatever life has to throw at me,” says a recent prepper reader.

‘Prepper Supplies Checklist’ is a handy resource, guide and workbook designed to help the user develop an emergency preparedness plan. The book is now available for order on Amazon with a paperback edition.

To know more, please visit: www.prepperssurvive.com/prepper-supplies-checklist-book/ and http://amzn.to/2rsnu3O

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