New Kickstarter Campaign Discovers 3 New Atmospheric Fountains, Bottling it

Savia Atmospheric Waters is a new Kickstarter project that will bring forth new atmospheric drinking waters from the newly discovered ice atmospheric fountain in 2014.

Savia Atmospheric Waters is a 6-months Kickstarter project to bring the purest and healthiest atmospheric drinking waters to all of us, right from the newly discovered ice atmospheric fountain over the summer-end of 2.014. This is the second of three new atmospheric fountains discovered. Atmospheric fountains harvest drinking waters right from the air around us naturally, using ice. Atmospheric fountains are 100% active atmospheric elements that are manually-run, as opposed to electricity-powered.

Savia first makes the greater announcement to have discovered ice to work atmospherically, naturally. That is under normal conditions, the melted weight of an ice is greater than the original weight of the ice by about 4%. Savia also announces a new but old-fashioned condensation atmospheric fountain that runs on ice and is manually-run. Lastly, Savia also announces the continued development of new winter-based atmospheric fountains. That is, harvesting atmospheric waters even when the temperature drops below freezing.

“We are very excited to finally disclose these 3 new atmospheric fountains and to bring bottled atmospheric water to all of us”, says Fernando Bourrellier. “There’s a very large worldwide demand for water that has remained unanswered all these years, and here are 3 new atmospheric fountains. We are currently working on being capable of running atmospherically 100% electricity-free, a lifelong quest.”

The project provides bottled atmospheric water from the atmospheric ice fountain at different discounts based upon the pledge level. The project also offers atmospheric condensation fountains through the stretch goals. Additional atmospheric fountains will be available through Savia by pre-order.

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