The Koreanx App Makes Matching With Asian Singles Easy And Quick

Coming across people with similar dating interests can be difficult, even for those living in large metropolitan centers. What’s more, owing to a lack of opportunities to date someone who would fit the notion one’s ideal partner, most contemporary singles turn to app-facilitated dating – a practice which has gained a large audience in Korea, as well as in other Asian countries.

Koreanx, the new app that was recently released for iOS devices, aims to bring Korean singles in touch with one another – but also with other fellow eligible bachelors hailing from other parts of Asia, such as Japan, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Singapore, and many other Asian countries.

“The Korean dating scene is heavily reliant on the use of technology. Koreans spent a lot of time on their devices, and meeting new people online only comes natural to them” said Mr. Donnie, Koreanx’s media representative.

He continued, “While developing the Koreanx app, we stuck to the principles of what is called “Korean Love” – a unique type of exotic relationship built between people from different countries, and who belong in diverse age groups; come from divergent backgrounds and, often, share little common interests. So far, Koreanx app community members have included doctors; lawyers; busy professionals; benefactors; beautiful, intelligent and classy college students; nurses; aspiring actresses, and models. Despite these lifestyle and character discrepancies, it can’t be denied that the relationships fostered between them are fueled by a rare kind of chemistry, which creates unparalleled sensations and powerful feelings.”

Focusing on more than just the casual dating aspect, Koreanx app users can meet new friends, or, even better, a partner in marriage and life. To date, Korean-dating minded singles active in the Koreanx community come from four continents – Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America – and from countries such as Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada.

The Koreanx app is available for download on the App Store, while its Android version will soon be released on the Google Play Store, too.

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