Pennsylvania Based Clinic Has Developed The Most Effective Treatment of Degenerative Arthritis

Non drug & non surgical pain relief within two weeks: The proven new method by Dr. Malcolm Conway is a miraculous gift

Kingston, PA, USA – May 23, 2017 – Dr. Malcolm Conway of the Conway Clinic is successfully practicing an all new treatment for Degenerative Arthritis at his clinic. The new treatment is an effective combination perfected by two treatments. The combination is created by the incorporation of correcting disrupted fascial surrounding the affected joint and a neurological therapy that addresses the origin of the pain and lack of motion in a patient of arthritis. Both treatments combined to bring about non-drug and non-surgical pain relief.

“Where you are feeling the pain is where the damage ended, not where it began, and my job is to locate where that damage started from.” Said Dr. Malcolm Conway while talking about his treatment for arthritis. “Once located and corrected most people begin to experience pain relief, many times, after the very first treatment.” He added. According to the records of the Conway Clinic, an overwhelming majority of past treatments have shown to provide complete pain relief within two weeks.

Dr. Malcolm Conway has been successfully treating patients for over 30 years. Over the past three decades, his research has led him to his new innovative treatment that has shown amazing success for people suffering with degenerative arthritis. Moreover, the doctor is recognized as one of America’s leading specialists in sports injuries and rehabilitation and he has treated some of the most iconic names in American sports. In addition to his American patients, Dr. Conway has also treated patients from other parts of the world.

“I took a shot to my knee that caused my MCL to tear so I went to see Dr. Conway, two days after it happened and he had me at full range of motion within three hours.” said Justin Sands, a renowned football player from the University of Albany. “Even through words I can’t quite explain how much Dr. Conway’s treatments have helped me.” he added. Besides Justin, many athletes and other patients have left some phenomenal testimonials sharing their stories with the clinic.

With the overwhelming success rate of the new patented treatment, the clinic is getting more calls each day and they are welcoming new appointments online.

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