Handy Store Fixtures Launches New Website

NEWARK, NJ – 23 May, 2017 – Handy Store Fixtures, a company that provides custom store fixtures and store layout solutions to independent retailers, announced the launch of its updated website – an exciting event for the company, which has been serving store owners for decades. The newly designed site allows users to browse the largest selection of store displays, shelving and fixtures on an easy-to-navigate and visually-pleasing platform.

Handy Store Fixtures’ new website features a clean design with a user-friendly experience, built to emulate the experience brick and mortar retailers aim to give their customers with optimal  design and store layout. Additionally, the updated website gives users a clear picture of the company’s unique value proposition.

Each retail industry has its own landing page on Handy Store Fixtures’ website, including everything from store fixture solutions to relevant product details. Handy Store Fixtures knows that every industry is different, and the goal of these landing pages is to speak directly to each individual industry’s needs. Additionally, each landing page offers industry-specific sample floor layouts.

“We are excited about our new website launch, and the design and experience it delivers to our customers,” said Richard Kurland, CEO of Handy Store Fixtures. “Handy Store Fixtures is dedicated to helping small business owners find the right storage and display solutions for their store, and this new website gives our customers extensive information – not only about our products and services, but about how to use our solutions to engage customers and incite sales.”

Handy Store Fixtures’ website will be updated regularly with new product announcements and unique content, such as blogs, videos and white papers to better help customers who are still just seeking information. Interested website visitors can sign up for Handy Store Fixtures’ newsletter for the latest website updates, product launches, and industry tips.

About Handy Store Fixtures

Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, Handy Store Fixtures provides custom shelving and store fixtures, and store layout solutions to independent retailers across the nation. Handy Store Fixtures has manufactured all products in the United States since 1952, offering a range of steel or wood design options to a variety of industries. Store design specialists provide custom floor plans and strategic store layout designs that encourages sales and enhances store profits. Handy Store Fixtures is dedicated to building superior products that maximize the efficiency of every store layout.

To learn more about Handy Store Fixtures and store layout solutions, please visit www.handystorefixtures.com

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