Summerfield Custom Wellness introduces innovative courses for corporate wellness solutions

WILMINGTON, NC – 23 May, 2017 – Summerfield Custom Wellness, a local nutrition counseling firm of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists, recently launched Reset & Rebalance, an online weight loss course. The affordable and innovative program was created as an employee wellness solution for companies to combat the implications associated with obesity-related illnesses.

More than 60% of the American workforce is overweight or obese, both of which can lead to lifelong chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some types of cancer.  “One way companies can take control of their healthcare costs is by providing employees with sound nutrition education and support” says Laura Greenhow, MPH, RD, LDN and founder of Summerfield Custom Wellness.  “Our employees’ health is deteriorating, and the impacts are evident in the workplace.  Shifting to a health-conscious corporate culture is beneficial for everyone.”

To achieve that goal, Greenhow created Reset & Rebalance, an online weight loss course based on the science of the glycemic index.  “The course teaches participants to make better decisions about their food choices, leading to long-term and sustainable results.  The program begins with elements of nutritional education, and then also addresses common behavioral issues that impede success.”  The course is a flexible and logical approach to nutrition, participants eat all real food, and the program involves no carb/calorie counting, and no supplements or harsh restrictions.  

The dietitians have been teaching this course for over ten years, but the delivery was limited to those living locally. The concept to deliver the content online was inspired by one of Greenhow’s corporate clients who was seeking non-traditional methods of delivering employee wellness programs.  “We partner with corporations to provide on-site classes and counseling, which helps eliminate the barrier of access to care” she explains.  “We found that not all businesses are able to have a group of workers step away from production for 30-60 minutes at the same time.  So, I thought, how we can deliver this course so anyone can participate at any time?”

Summerfield Custom Wellness is already working with several companies to introduce the Reset & Rebalance in the workplace. “Our current corporate partners are really excited to offer this wellness solution to their employees,” says Greenhow.  “Weight loss and obesity are difficult topics that are not always appropriate to discuss at work.  As healthcare professionals, we have found creative and effective ways to introduce the course into the workplace in a manner that motivates and engages employees.”

The course launched on May 1st and it is available for individuals to purchase online.  According to Greenhow, “We just got started a few weeks ago, and it has been incredible to see all of the participants stay so engaged and share their success.”

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Summerfield Custom Wellness is a Wilmington, NC based nutrition firm counseling individuals toward a shift in health-consciousness. The team of dietitians facilitate programs wherein healthy choices begin to come automatically and are aligned with what the body needs. They see individuals and also work with companies ranging from five to 5,000 employees as they strive for a healthier workforce and a healthier Wilmington.

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