The age of the Female Superhero has arrived with Stories on Screen Like Chrome, Wonder Woman and Mad Max: Fury Road!

“Chrome, filmed by director Timothy Hines in 2002 and years in post production with starts and stops is finally arriving as a six part mini series!”
Female superhero stories are outselling male led hero action pictures. And Chrome, whose production pre-dates the current fare is finally here to take its place amongst the trend that has caught up to it.

In a recent article in Huffington Post, female superhero stories are on the rise. Female superheroes are breaking glass ceilings and outracing sales of male lead hero stories.  From Wonder Woman to Star Wars, female leads are dominating the fantasy hero world. And they are proving their metal. Characters like Charlize Theron’s Furiosa in Mad Mad: Fury Road, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, Gal Gado’s Wonder Woman and all the new Star Wars movies are showing strong box office with female lead heroes.

Timothy Hines, whose superhero mini series Chrome comes to Amazon and other platforms September 7, 2017, gives his take, “Women are tired of seeing men kiss them and say wait here while the man goes off to fight adventures. I was a teenager when the first Star Wars came out and princess Leia demonstrated women could be strong and confident, even heroic on the screen.”


Hines’ series Chrome was actually filmed in 2002 and due to its massive scale the production had starts and stops over the years to complete Hines’ epic vision. After the success of Hines female led, 10 Days in a Madhouse, the true story of journalist Nellie Bly, who, in 1887, working for Joseph Pulitzer went undercover into Blackwell’s Island Lunatic Asylum for Women to expose murder and corruption,  Hines was able to make the final effort to get Chrome before audiences. In keeping with the changing times, Hines decided to retool his epic movie into a mini series.


“The small screen is increasingly where the audiences are. I tip my hat to the marketing power of companies like Warner with Wonder Woman, but Netflix and Amazon are beginning to outpace the studios for sheer audience numbers. And mini series allow more opportunity of story telling. Part of the problem that held Chrome back all these years is I was unwilling to let go of important plot points and drop characters to fit a 10 pound movie into a 5 pound box,” says Hines, “Chrome is a perfect fit for a mini series.”

With mini series, stories have room to percolate and add shades that have to be only hinted at often on big screen productions.


Chrome producer, Susan Goforth adds, “Sometimes big  screen action pictures are more like a coming attractions for a longer, more detailed movie that we never get to see.” 

And Hines was ahead of the curve by envisioning a female superhero almost two decades ago. 

Executive producer Donovan Le concurs, “Timothy knows how to tell a good story. And his vision to lead this epic movie with a female was relatively unique when we  did the live action photography in 2002. Now the world has caught up with Wonder Woman, Black Widow in the Avengers, Supergirl and the like. I am very excited to see Chrome finally come to audiences.”

Chrome is the story of a female servant class robot played by Katie Tomlinson, whose “human injury inhibitor” malfuntions and she’s the only robot on Earth able to fight back against the dark hearted totalitarian humans who have lost their way. Chrome is twisty and filled with surprises, like the robot Copper who’s head is shot off and gets up and runs away anyway. 

“I wanted to reflect our human flaw, you might say, that we can wrongly follow leaders like Hitler and give up our humanity in the process. I wanted to create a world where the robots are not instantly recognizable as the good guys, but you learn that they are through their actions.”


But Chrome is not dry. Hines built his story around a fast paced giant scaled action framework.

“I grew up collecting comics in the 1960s which some now say is the golden age of superhero comic books,” reflects director writer Hines. “At the time, we saw the late 1930s through the 1950s as the golden age. In the 70s they called the 60s the silver age. But no matter, I personally owned 8,000 comic books. I had Spiderman number 1 through 100. I owned all the Daredevils. And a large amount of golden era Batmans and Supermans. Even as a boy I saw that women seemed to mostly be shut out as heroes in comic books and movies. There were a few, however. Now mostly forgotten. Heroes like Fantomah, Sheena, The Blonde Phantom, Golden Girl and Black Fury were very cool. But the age of the female superhero was in the future. And that future is now.”

Golden age comic book “Golden Girl”.

Classic comic book female superhero, “Sheena.”

Female superhero, “The Black Fury.”

Artwork for superhero story, Chrome, the six part mini series coming September 7, 2017.

Check out the Gofundme campaign that Hines and his producers started to add final sweeteners to the production and add star talent voices to some of the robot characters. Contributors can get their name or likeness in the series on screen for some of the reward packages offered.

Chrome, the series is finally arriving, not with a whimper, but with a loud female roar!

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