Dispensary Guide: A Reliable Cannabis Information Platform, Officially Launches Website

May 23, 2017 – Dispensary Guide, a new, full-service, information-based cannabis platform dedicated to providing everyone with access to recommended dispensaries, industry news developments, product tips, and high-density dispensary city information, this week officially launched its new, comprehensive website platform for everyone interested in more up-to-date information regarding marijuana dispensaries.

Borne from a passion for providing verified and consolidated information that helps users to find trusted marijuana dispensaries in any American community, Dispensary Guide breaks down the top medical marijuana destinations and the most highly regarded dispensaries in each specific location.

“At Dispensary Guide, we help cannabis users secure safe and dependable access to medication today,” said Rowen, Founder and Owner of Dispensary Guide. “Right now, we’re proud to feature dispensaries in the Reno, Boise, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Washington D.C. communities. As our country moves towards the legalization of medical marijuana in more states, we’ll be quickly updating our platform to reflect the new opportunities.”

Dispensary Guide’s brand-new website features a user portal for making a platform account and signing in. New users have the option to sign up for free. If a user doesn’t want an account, they can continue using the site as a guest and peruse the available options.

Users are able to review discounts and coupons available at various dispensaries, as well as edit and publish a user profile with information regarding their own personal dispensary. After a dispensary store has been submitting to the site, Dispensary Guide will vet the submission and publish the new participating business for other users to check out.

A few top marijuana dispensaries featured on the Dispensary Guide home page right now include the Metropolitan Wellness Center in Washington, D.C., the Medizin – Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas, the Trees Pot Shop in Seattle, and the Seven Point Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Oak Park, Illinois.

“We want to feature the highest rated local businesses on the forefront of our interactive platform,” said Rowen. “By doing this, we’re promoting local economies while helping individuals to get in contact with the best medical marijuana dispensaries near them. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and we’re incredibly excited to have finally debuted our platform website.”

In addition to the featured businesses, Dispensary Guide also has an articles and tips section for helping site visitors to browse the latest industry news and marijuana tips information. Aware of the ever-changing nature of the industry, Dispensary Guide updates their blogs weekly.

For more information, visit https:/dispensaryguide.us/

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