The “Love Connection” Online Dater has Launched!

The Newest Online Dater, LoveConnection launches alongside the much anticipated Game Show “Love Connection” on Thursday, May 25th. Love Connection was one of the biggest game show hits of the 80’s and 90’s which also revived Chuck Woolery’s career in the process.

The show debuted on September 19, 1983, and ended on July 1, 1994,  totaling 2120 shows! With the current “me too” online dating options available, i.e. eharmony, Match, etc., Loveconnection is attempting to provide a newer more exciting approach to the online space while coinciding with the excitment and relaunch of the game show.

The new show brings a modern day twist, pushing the boundaries with same gender and different ethnicities intermingling. Like Love Connection, the show, the online Dater, Loveconnection also provides a free zone to Love whomever one chooses to Love or to just meet new friends and hangout. The Show has been picked up for 15 episodes and now has a “Love or Money” twist at the end which provides another level of excitement and intrigue for the viewers.

Andy Cohen is the new host of the Love Connection who you may know from the BRAVO channel and the “Real Housewives” Brand. Online dating has really changed the way “busy people’ meet one another. Online dating also allows potential mates to window shop without being intrusive, in a sense, the same way online shopping does. Dating in the past was normally limited to  geographical areas but online dating creates a much further reach and provides many more options.  The LoveConnection online dating option, provides not only national, but international possiblities.

Love is the strongest force in the Universe so it’s only befitting to encourage the world to connect through exactly that, Love. If you have never tried online dating this may be the one for you! Love and Fun is in the air so be the first to signup, create a profile, and start surfing on The LoveConnection! Looks like Love has just become fun again and just in time for the summer!  Spread the word and be sure to tune in on May 25th!!

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