New Website Offers Help Logging In To Major Websites

LoginSecure is a brand new website offering assistance to users who are having difficulty logging in to some of the most popular websites on the internet. The site provides detailed login guides, help contact phone numbers and FAQs for a long list of major websites.

“It’s so frustrating not being able to access a website when you need to. People can end up wasting hours of their time on something that is often quite easily resolved,” says founder and CEO of LoginSecure, Peter Andersen. “That’s why I decided to provide a one-stop solution.”

The information on LoginSecure can help people who have lost their password or user ID, as well as people who don’t even know why they can’t log in. The site will also check and verify login pages through its database, so the user can be sure they’re actually landing on the right page.

Login guides are provided for WalmartOne, Publix, Passport, Macys Insite, Netflix, Hulu, LiteBlue, GoDaddy and Corrlinks, along with a number of other commonly used websites. Websites are listed alphabetically and users simply click on the site they need help with to access detailed solutions for every conceivable type of problem.

The site also includes valuable information on how to avoid getting hacked, choosing the right password, avoiding phishing attacks and avoiding content “hacking for ransom” attacks. As Peter Andersen states, “Hacking, ‘phishing’ and identity theft are the crime trends of our time. As more and more of our life tasks are done over the internet, or with apps, we become more and more vulnerable to security breaks.”

For more information on this unique service, visit the LoginSecure website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Login Secure
Contact Person: Peter Andersen
Phone: +1-643-711-8932
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States