Mercury Mastering brings Stem Mastering Service to develop the Best Sounding Master

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Premier audio mastering service, Mercury Mastering brings stem mastering service that makes every single song sound at its best.

Oceanside, California – May 23, 2017 – Mercury Mastering has introduced stem mastering service for their clients, in addition to their regular audio mastering services. According to the company, stem Mastering is a slightly more versatile option of normal mastering. The introduction of stem mastering service represents the company’s commitment to offer the best sounding master their clients could ever have.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Musicians and bands are pretty much aware of the benefits of audio mastering, but we’d like to take it up a notch, which is why we offer you stem mastering service. With stem mastering, our engineers can tweak every aspect of a song to make it sound better than ever before.”

Stem mastering refers to the process that involves a group of instruments or ‘stems’ in a track such as bass, guitars, vocals, keyboards and the like. Unlike regular audio mastering process, stem mastering enables the engineer to target more corrections and enhancements such as depth and balance of instruments, volume of the lead vocal stem, improvement in equalization, dynamics and more.

The cost of stem mastering service starts from $150 for one song all the way up to $1000 for 9 songs. The company also offers stem mastering for a full length album (10+ songs) at a competitive rate of $1200. The final master would be delivered within 3 to 10 business days. Customers can also opt for rush delivery service for an additional $50 per song, with which the final master will be delivered within 24 hours.

“We use a few stems of your track to achieve the final master. You can send 3-5 stereo channels that we can tweak individually to make the absolute best sounding master. This is the best option for artists, engineers, and producers that have gotten their mix as far as they can take it, and just need the extra bump to make it perfect. This is also the best way for us to have complete control over a song without affecting the quality of a mix,” stated the spokesperson.

About Mercury Mastering:

Mercury Mastering is the number one leader in audio mastering providing state-of-the-art audio mastering services. Their Grammy award winning engineers have extensive experience in providing the best sounding master.


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