Exclusive Brand Woodies Demonstrates That Fashion Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Tulsa, OK – Leading fashion brand Woodies is delighted to announce that this year alone they have continued with their mission of proving that fashion and saving the environment can be compatible aims. The company which has established a reputation for providing stunningly beautiful Woodies wood sunglasses and watches is celebrating the fact that in the past year, they sold 20,309 pairs of sunglasses.

In environmental terms, this means that over 20,000 pairs of glasses were manufactured and sold without the use of environmentally damaging plastic. Their Wood Wayfarer glasses have proved a huge hit this year and have contributed significantly to the overall target.

“As a company, we are passionate and dedicated to protecting the environment,” said Captain Cory, the owner of the company. “One of my favorite pastimes is spending time on a beautiful beach, and so protecting the environment is an essential part of my life. I always had a keen interest in fashion but was disgusted by the sheer waste and destruction within the industry, which was what inspired me to come up with the concept that developed into Woodies. I am personally delighted at the success of the company and hope that it demonstrates to other businesses in the fashion industry that you can create beautiful products without damaging the environment. Our aim is to continue growing year on year so that we can increase our market share and decrease the damage the sunglasses industry does to the planet.”

Woodies is a family owned and run fashion company that specializes in developing environmentally friendly wooden sunglasses, necklaces and watches. The company has continued to grow year on year and is always increasing the size of their range with new and exciting products.

If you are passionate about saving the environment, but still want to buy some top quality sunglasses visit their website at https://woodies.com/ to see the comprehensive range of products.

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