Bruxrelief Brings an End to Bruxism Disorder

Breakthrough biofeedback technology to end teeth grinding forever is now patent pending by Brock Predovich

Canon City, CO, USA – May 23, 2017 – Team of dental experts at the BruxRelief, LLC have announced that they are developing a wearable device to help dentists in the early detection, treatment and elimination of the harmful effects of bruxism disorder. The only solution dentist can currently provide is a ‘dental splint’ or mouth guard that the patient has to wear every night for the rest of their life. However, with BruxRelief, this age-long problem has been solved for the millions and millions of bruxism sufferers around the world.

It is frustratingly unfortunate that only 10% of those that suffer from bruxism are ever diagnosed. Moreover, it is also sad that most of bruxism sufferers only find out about this problem after the damage has already been done. Therefore, the resulting damage of undiagnosed and untreated bruxism is typically $1000’s of dollars in dental bills spent to fix and replace the damaged teeth. In simple words, this revolutionary breakthrough patent-pending technology is a real solution to end bruxism.

“At BruxRelief we’re developing the 1st wearable device that bruxism sufferers can use during the day or night to detect, treat and eliminate their bruxism disorder.” Said Brock Predovich, the inventor and founder of BruxRelief while introducing this remarkable solution. “Our patent pending technology allows us to offer a complete detection and biofeedback treatment solution for under $100.” He added.

Mr. Predovich, developed the BruxRelief device shortly after suffering through several stressful life events including a motorcycle accident, dengue fever and severe back injury which resulted in lower back surgery months later. This solution is not only affordable, but it is also customizable using the included mobile app. Best yet, the therapy can easily take place in the comfort of the patient’s own home or even discretely at work.

Bruxism is a medical condition in which teeth grinding takes place unconsciously and it affects 1 out of 3 adults. Moreover, victims of this condition have spent thousands of dollars in treatment, but nothing came through until this patent-pending wearable device that prevents this problem from causing damage to the teeth. Besides the deconstruction of teeth, bruxism also causes pain in the jaw, sensitive teeth, migraines, headaches and sore necks. Moreover, the highly expensive dental splints and mouth guards protect the teeth temporarily, but do not address the root cause of this disorder.

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