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Are you craving to watch Baby’s Day Out without buying its CD? Do you wish to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 without going to a theatre? Well, the only way out here is to find and watch them online. However, many online movie sites ask you to register, download, and wait in-between the movie. This is likely take up much of your time although movie watching is free. Well, movie fans can avoid all three things at seems to be similar to those few budding sites that tend to offer old and new movies free of cost, ads, and registration. Although it is a new movie site, it differs from its competitors by offering as many movies as possible, which are released from since the 90s. Most of its competitors provide movies since 2004.

Just as its competitors, the new site is packed with old and new movies for its visitors to enjoy getting entertained at any time. Similarly, it ensures pure uninterrupted and undisturbed experience by eliminating the signup process and ads or promos from in between a movie.

The site offers even trending or popular TV shows. Thus, it is convenient to watch the favorite or missed episodes at one’s own comfort. Whether the preference is for action, comedy, history, sci-fi, or animation, the site has all types of movies free of cost.

A visitor simply needs a robust Internet connection after which it is a matter of a few seconds to look for the favorite movie by genre or release date. Thus, the favorite movies are just two clicks away. The site has lots of movies and TV shows, all of which are categorized into their genres such as history, biography, news, talk shows, comedy, action, sci-fi, animation, adventure, drama, thriller, and fantasy.

The movies are also classified as per their release year, right from 2004 until date. The movies are also split as per their release year since 2004 but one can still find a movie released in 1994. The Home page shows the posters of famous TV shows, latest movies, and top IMDb movies and shows. On the left, it shows the genres and years of release so that a visitor can search for the favorite movie easily as well as quickly.

About is a new but comprehensive site dedicated to old and new movies and TV shows. It provides free movies of various genres. Its service is only for U.S.A, U.K, India, and China.

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