Sleep Safe On Cloud 9 With OpusDivine Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

OpusDivine assures a peaceful and healthy good night sleep with its state of the art Hypoallergenic Waterproof Vinyl Free Mattress Protector that comes with a 10 year warranty.

New York, NY, May, 24, 2017: Nothing can be more interrupting to a good night sleep than an unprotected mattress with all its dirty stains and bacteria often leading to nasty allergies. But not anymore! The wait is finally over for all those looking for the best protection of their mattress. OpusDivine has recently launched its premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Vinyl Free Mattress Protector that assures a safe sleep on cloud 9 with complete protection for the mattress. Recently launched on Amazon, the high-quality mattress protector is bustling with a stellar 4.6 stars from its long list of happy users.

“This mattress protector is a lifesaver”, noted one happy user who has rated the product with 5 stars.

“It’s amazingly water-resistant which is great because I have a cat that often pees on my bed. It’s also the softest one I have ever used. And yes, the pricing is very decent ad more reasonable than other mattress protectors around. Overall, it’s working just great”, read another glad review.

The waterproof mattress protector is an anti-liquid, pro-air breathable solution. There is no dearth of waterproof mattress protectors in the market but many of them like Wet-Stop protector cannot handle large volumes of liquid. It’s never a problem with the OpusDivine product.

Moreover, while its major competitors like Utopia or Linespa have received flak for their noisy underside, the OpusDivine solution assures a quiet and serene performance.

It comes with a robust 10-year warranty and assures impermeable defense against all artificial or natural odors and moistures. Users are speaking highly of its ultra-soft comfortable feel courtesy its 80% cotton design.

“We can’t avoid spills on the mattress especially when we have kids and pets in the house. Liquids might spill, children might pee and then there is body sweat. All such fluids would leave the mattress with an irreversible damage if your mattress is unguarded. But you can stop worrying about such issues now as our premium mattress protector comes with a powerful protector membrane which has woven breathable and waterproof properties to protect your mattress and bed from unwanted permanent taints”, stated a leading spokesperson from OpusDivine.



The product is guarded by a state of the art hypoallergenic technology to guard against odors, moisture and harmful bacteria, dust, allergens and irritants. It thus assures a healthy solution and safe sleep for those suffering from eczema, asthma or allergies.

“We have got a top-notch hypoallergenic mattress protector which is meticulously designed to guard your bed & your family from allergens and germs. It sports a user-friendly material which is machine washable at maximum 60°C/140°F & tumble dryable on medium heat. Our edgy machine-washable technology assures a soft touch for the perfect dreamy feel and you will have the safest and most comfortable sleep ever. We also promise you a strong and durable product for a lasting stay.” the spokesperson added in.

The OpusDivine mattress protector further assures a snug design with elastic trim for a perfect fit with the mattress. The product is available in several sizes, including queen, king, twin, twin XL, full, full XL and California King.

To enjoy a sound and safe sleep every night, place order for OpusDivine Hypoallergenic Waterproof Vinyl Free Mattress Protector at

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