Creative Biolabs Released a Comprehensive List of Chimeric Antibodies

With years of experience in antibody production, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed various therapeutic chimeric antibody products.  

Creative Biolabs, a leading provider of antibody-based therapeutic agents, can provide “the most cost-effective” therapeutic antibody products for both in vitro and in vivo researches as Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs, introduced.

Initial therapeutic antibodies were usually murine molecules. These murine-derived antibodies have a short half-life in vivo, a limited penetration into tumour sites and inadequately recruit host effector functions. Therefore, they were gradually replaced by chimeric antibodies in therapeutic applications.

Chimeric antibody is an antibody made by combining genetic material from a nonhuman source, such as a mouse, with genetic material from a human being. These antibodies are generally around two thirds human, reducing the risk of a reaction to foreign antibodies from a non-human animal when they are used in therapeutic treatments. A closely related concept is a humanized antibody, made in a similar way but containing closer to 90% human genetic material.

The chimeric antibodies can be created by fusing murine variable domains responsible for the binding activity with human constant domains. These antibodies are 70% human and possess a fully human Fc portion, making them considerably less immunogenic in humans as well as allowing them to interact with human effector cells and the complement cascade.

“We can now provide the most complete collection of chimeric antibodies with high-affinity, high specificity and low off-target activity”, said Dr. Monika. 

In addition to chimeric antibodies, Creative Biolabs also released custom chimeric antibody design and production services.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a biotech service provider of therapeutic antibody discovery and manufacturing, offering high quality service to customers in academia and industry fields all over the world. Its products range from antibody/peptide libraries, biosimilar cell lines, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) products, conjugate antibodies to engineered antibodies such as therapeutic antibodies, single domain antibodies, bispecific antibodies, intrabodies, etc. 

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