Psychodrama In Drug And Alcohol Detox? Future Now Detox Says Yes

PALM BEACH, FL – Psychodrama, a range of action methods developed by the father of group psychotherapy, Jacob Levy Moreno, is further defined by the British Psychodrama Association as a method that “employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual”, which “facilitates insight, personal growth, and integration on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels.” Future Now Detox, the prominent central Florida holistic medical detox center, is proud to announce its collaboration with Mr. Peter Covert, one of the industry’s best psychodrama therapists in the world.

Mr. Covert will be joining the center as Future Now Detox’s resident psychodrama therapist, lending his expertise in helping patients address traumatic life experiences, uncover potential treatment resistances, mature, and achieve personal growth, in a safe, welcoming, “one-minded” group environment. Since psychodrama, much like addiction, involves engaging the body and the mind in acting out repetitive motifs, it is a powerful tool for unveiling and breaking nuanced, damaging behavioral and thought patterns.

Speaking of the addition of psychodrama to the center’s modalities, Mr. Andrew Rossin, Future Now Detox’s founder and CEO, said that “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Covert to the Future Now Detox team. Our center has always been in the forefront of combining holistic treatments and medical detox to help patients recover and acquire the tools to sustain sobriety – which is why the introduction of psychodrama to Future Now Detox’s holistic modalities was just something that came naturally to us.”

He concluded his statements by saying, “One of psychodrama’s main principles is that “We may never forget what has happened in our life experience, but we can create and choose alternative ways of reacting.” Through reenacting important life events, patients receive dynamic, non-judgmental feedback from their peers, and gain a new perspective on how they view each dramatized past experience. Both the protagonist, and her fellow therapy group members, come out richer from each session – in terms of empathy, understanding, and emotional wellness.”

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