Voice Of China Technology Limited Presents its Unique Platform to Practice and Learn Mandarin Chinese

VOChina.com is an application that is available for both Android and iOS. It helps users to learn Mandarin Chinese for free.

China has made tremendous growth in virtually every industry. It is a rising power that has transformed itself into a strong global economy. More and more people from across the world are getting interested to try Chinese products. They are not only known for exceptional pricing but also present products needed for virtually every need.

However, the only thing that makes doing business in China difficult is communication. Although the country has made great developments in learning English, language is still one of the most important barriers. There are interpretors, translators and other services that help people converse with ease. However, it is always better to be self-equipped and understand the local language better.

To make the process to learn mandarin easier, Chinessey has launched a dedicated app.

Chinese learning app

This app is available for free and can be used at both Android and iOS powered devices. The app is definitely serious about helping people learn Chinese in a simplified manner. However, it comes with tools and the interface is such that it makes learning a lot better and a fun experience. It can be downloaded for free and comes with flexible tutoring clubbed with no long commitments.

The three key features about the application is 1-on-1 tutoring to interested app users, professional as well as friendly tutors on demand, and accessible by users from any place and for any duration needed. The durations usually spread over 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes. It can also be customized and users can stretch the sessions depending on their needs and queries.

Voice Of China Technology Limited Presents its Unique Platform to Practice and Learn Mandarin Chinese

Currently it has been installed in about 5000 android devices and over 2000 iOS devices. With growing popularity and a range of features being added to it, the app is definitely a great source for learning the language with ease. The latest feature added to the app is Video chat functionality. Using this, it makes the process of learning much more exciting and easy.

For android devices this Chinese learning app can be used on any device that runs on Android 4.1 and above. On the other hand, iOS devices need to be running on iOS 8.0 or above. For any app related issues, users can always reach the developers at their email id. Diversity Mobile certainly makes the process of learning and practicing Chinese a fun and easy affair.

About VOChina.com

VOChina.com is an app that can be used on tablets, smartphones as well as other devices supporting Android or iTunes. The app helps in praciticng and learning Mandarin with features like 1-on-1 sessions that spread over different time periods.

For further details or to start using the app, visit their website or download the app from PlayStore or iTunes. 

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