Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd offers wide range of lithium ion batteries from China

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd established and incorporated in the year 2002 exclusively focuses on furnishing customers with heavy duty and efficient power storage and backup power solutions.

There are many areas throughout the world where continuous power supply from conventional sources like thermal power stations, nuclear power stations or hydroelectric power stations are not always available. Then again, power cuts and outages are still rampant in many countries and unavailability of a steady stream of electric supply hampers production in every type of industry. Therefore, it goes without saying that manufacturing industries, office complexes, plazas, and even homes and households need some sort of power backup that will allow to carry on production and work without let or hindrance. Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd is a Guangdong based manufacturing concern that specializes in the production of industrial battery, storage battery, special battery, and portable power solutions. 

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd offers wide range of lithium ion batteries from China

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd has nearly 16 years of experience in the research and production of different kinds of lithium ion batteries, LTO batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and lifePO4 batteries. The company also has sufficient experience in the production of high temperature battery, low temperature battery, and portable batteries. Dongguan has backup power supply solutions for industries and facilities pertaining to medical, finance, robotics, security, instrumentation, and energy storage. Since the day, the enterprise was conceptualized it has been coming up with solutions for its customers based worldwide in the areas of power supply, automotive power, storage power, and backup power sources.

The manufacturing concern after relentlessly conducting R&D work in the storage power sources and supply arena for more than a decade has been able to become one of the biggest exporters of 14.8v battery lithium ion. This 14.8volt lithium ion battery has been scrupulously designed and produced to cater to the diverse needs of industrial and commercial clients across the board including but not limited to medical, automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. The final product coming out of the factory assembly lines meets the standards set by RoHS, BSMI, KC, PSE, FCC, and CE-global regulatory bodies. Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd also manufactures an array of other types and capacities of lithium ion industrial batteries like 3.7v battery, 7.4v battery, and 11.1v battery.

Talking about LTO battery, it is a adapted and customized form of the lithium ion battery and is crafted using lithium titanium materials for the negative terminal cathode and LiKMno4, LiFePO4, NiCoMn for the positive terminal, anode. Lithium Titanate Batteries are available in voltage ratings of 2.4v and 1.9v. There is a third kind of lithium titanium oxide battery that Dongguan makes and which is available as 1.5v. This LTO type battery again uses LTO elements for the cathode and lithium alloy or metallic lithium for the anode. Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd has an entrenched sophisticated operation system in the power storage industry that has judiciously blended high level and advanced manufacturing, robust supply logistics chain, and innovative research as one.

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Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd has garnered extensive experience in the production of industrial, storage, and special lithium ion and lithium titanium oxide batteries.

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