Soloway’s Suppliers of Wholesale Meat in Toronto

Soloway’s supplies hot dogs and other meat products to businesses in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Soloway’s has a vast variety of high quality meat and meat products on offer at highly competitive prices.

Soloway’s offers a range of products including: sausages, wieners, striploin steaks, burgers, and fresh meat. The company also supplies condiments, including Dijon mustard, honey mustard, dill pickles, hot banana pepper rings, hot pepper relish, BBQ sauce, jalapenos, sauerkraut, corn relish, and beef gravy among other products. On top of that, they also have accessories, such as hinged foam, paper sleeves, and pumps for ketchup, different sized squeeze bottles, and luncheon napkins. Soloway’s products are nitrite and gluten free and are produced in a highly hygienic environment to ensure quality and food safety. Soloway’s provide best hot dog in Toronto.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been in operation since 1927. Their main goal is to provide locals with high-quality and authentic European meat products, such as roast beef, wieners and fresh cuts of pork and beef. To this day, the winning Soloway’s original recipes and traditional cooking methods are retained. The company’s dedication to producing high-quality products also remained intact, which fuelled the growth of the company. Soloway’s now runs independent food stands, has multiple catering operations, food stands supplies various cash &carry stores and wholesalers across Ontario.

The company has a goal and vision to be a leading supplier of meat in Toronto. Above all, Soloway’s is driven to providing quick, but high-quality, meat products for customers. To implement this goal, the company shares their products’ nutritional information on their website. This, accompanied with the ability to order meat online, provides customers with the convenience and control.

For a comprehensive customer experience, Soloway’s has a section on their website that shares different recipes that can be used at home. The recipes differ and offer customers different ways that they can use to prepare the products that they buy from Soloway’s. This is in-line with the goal to use the resources they have to produce high quality products and supply their customers with convenient and credible products.

Customers can get more details regarding the company from their website. The information available varies from the nutritional value of products, food safety information, and quality of the meat, types of products, and quantities supplied and recipes that you can make at home using some of their products. Most of the images on Soloway’s website gallery are of sausages, wieners and other products offered by the factory. To view images on the website, you can visit Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory. You will also be able to place orders and access some of the recipes.

Customers can also contact the factory through several channels provided on the website, including Soloway’s office addresses, email, fax, and phone numbers.

Soloway’s stores are open weekdays from 7:30AM to 5PM and on Saturdays from 8AM to 3PM. Soloway’s also has social media presence on sites like Facebook.

Media Contact
Company Name: Soloway Hot Dog Factory Inc.
Contact Person: Oleg Perelstein
Phone: (416) 661-9383
Address:917 Alness Street
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada