Addiction Rehab Toronto Offering Addiction Rehab Programs

Addiction Rehab Toronto is an expert treatment and rehab facility that provides comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse, behavioural problems, and their resulting issues.

They are a private residential addiction treatment facility located in a quiet neighbourhood of Toronto. They are a pay for fee service and are not government fundedTheir mission is to provide the highest level of care and effective recovery for individuals and families who have been afflicted by addiction. They offer programs of 30, 60, or 90 days, for those suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Individualized substance abuse treatment programs are designed to promote and facilitate long-term recovery. The unique and specialized programs have been designed to equip clients with the necessary tools to successfully lead lives filled with dignity, respect and purpose.

Addiction Rehab Toronto welcomes clients from all over North America. They provide a warm, caring atmosphere and a safe place for patients and their loved ones to receive treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction. The programs are designed to help individuals explore issues that might be behind the substance abuse. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, clients and their families are made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the assessment and our rehab admission process. Their welcoming, relaxing environment sets people at ease and assures them that there is no judgment or criticism.

The rehab admission process starts with an in-depth assessment of the individual and his or her family. The potential client is interviewed separately from the family members: this process ensures that everyone is given the opportunity to talk openly in a confidential setting, and it enables staff to learn about the new client from the perspectives of those who are closest to him or her.

The assessment enables Addiction Rehab to develop an addiction treatment plan that is customized to the person who needs it, with consideration for all physical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs. The family’s needs are also incorporated into the plan; customers are assured that family members are given the support that they need while they are rebuilding their relationships with their loved one. Each customized treatment plan devised will encompass traditional addiction recovery techniques, in addition to multiple others that are designed to address the cultural, social, and spiritual needs of each client and their family members. Each client’s treatment program will be monitored and adjusted as needed throughout their stay and during the aftercare phase.

Residents are encouraged to use the beautiful grounds, surrounded by nature, for relaxation and outdoor activities. The indoor facilities include comfortable common lounge areas, fitness equipment, a workout area, a yoga studio, a music studio, and inviting living accommodations for each resident. There are also some recreational amenities such as a fuzz ball table, basketball court, hockey court, and a ping-pong table. The clients’ nutritional needs are taken care of by serving delicious, healthy meals three times per day, all prepared by on-site chefs.

Their website provides more information about the company and more in-depth information about the different types of addiction and treatment.  There is also a simple form online that may be completed by a patient or a loved one to reach out for help. 

They can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You may email them at

There are also blogs, private testimonials, and FAQs found on their website. You may talk to one of their specialists – 24/7 at 1-855-787-2424 (toll free) or 416-792-7550 (local)

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