Dr. Puff Offering Happiness Services to Help Individuals, Families, and Organizations Be Happier

Clients Learn to Find Happiness through Acceptance of What They Have and Work for an Even Happier Future

Dr. Robert Puff has been providing holistic counseling services to individuals, families, organizations, and businesses for more than twenty-five years. His counseling services and the thirteen books he has to his credit have helped many Orange County residents improve their family, personal, and working relationships. His holistic approach to counseling addresses the spiritual, nutritional, emotional, and physical aspects of the individual.

Many of us express behaviors or emotions without understanding their basis. Sometimes they are the result of guilt, a feeling of failure, or resentment towards others. Dr. Puff works with individuals to get to the bottom of their feelings and help them accept the situations and relationships that exist in their lives. Once they do this, he helps them determine what actions they can take to help them be happier in the future than they are today.

When work relationships are the problem, everyone in the company feels the impact. No one is likely to fill their potential when stress becomes an issue. Dr. Puff works with businesses and nonprofits on a number of topics including work relationships, career success and happiness, depression, stress and anger management, meditation, and stress management. He teaches people to be holistically successful so they can take care of themselves and love all areas of their lives.

In addition to his counseling services, Dr. Puff also sponsors retreats and seminars where participants are guided on a powerful journey of meditation. They learn to listen to the magnificent stillness within and are empowered with the tools required for person growth that will help them learn to fully accept their lives.

Individuals, families, or organizations that want to learn more about Dr. Puff’s counseling services should visit his website and call Dr. Puff to gain more information. The website also lists the books that Dr. Puff has authored to serve as a guideline to improve on various areas of people’s lives. Check them out today to start working towards a happier tomorrow.

About Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D

Dr. Puff is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker, marriage counselor, and life coach serving Orange County. Dr. Puff takes a holistic approach to life. He believes that the secret to happiness is being happy about what you have while making the changes that will lead to an even better life. Dr. Puff is recognized internationally for his holistic approach to marriage and couple’s counseling, individual therapy, family, and teenager & child counseling. The services he offers in Greater Orange County and Southern California help couples, individuals, families, and organizations enjoy a better quality of life. He is also a featured blogger at Psychology Today and he has one of the top ranked podcasts on iTunes.

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