Chatbots Life Launches New Platform to Explore Impact of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco, CA – A new form of intelligence is slowly taking over the world. The growth curve of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and big data is inching up every day, and helping it reach to its full potential is the newly launched platform, An initiative of the online resource site, Chatbots Life, the new publication will explore the growing impact of AI on humanity.

Since its inception, Chatbots Life has grown to become a leading source of all things AI. The brains behind this community work with over 200 elite developers who have productively engaged with enterprises, popular brands and start-ups. will be their foray into delving deeper into how AI and chat bots will shape and transform the future of human beings and the world.

“The Becoming Human Publication is ultimately about this intersection where both humans and technology become more humane. We focus on artificial intelligence, the future of technology and finding meaning and purpose in this new world,” says Stefan Kojouharov of Chatbots Life.

Chatbots Life is one of the best places to learn every aspect of building chatbots. It carries a wealth of information on the latest bot trends, chatbot design, UX, NLP/NLU, deep learning, and much more. Similarly, will carry cutting edge information on how technology will impact our world and what that means for us on a peronal level.

For the uninitiated, chatbots are neither websites nor apps, but occupy a completely unique space. Chatbot’s are more like instant apps you can talk to and many project that they will replace 99 percent of apps and websites. Bots are also the best way for businesses to personalize content for their customers and develop a long-term relationship. As AI and chatbots evolve, many simple task will be automated, and at some point virtual assistants will manage much of our lives.

“As our technology becomes more and more human… so do we. We are entering a very interesting period for humanity. Within the next decade, much of our day to day lives will be managed by artificial intelligence and automation. For the first time in human history, we will have freedom from the mundane. As our jobs disappear, we will look for meaning and purpose in other areas of life,” says Stefan Kojouharov.

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