16Games Presents Its First Video Game Retail Store in Rome

Video game stores are on the rise as new and better games, and consoles develop. Thanks to this growth of the industry, 16Games, a popular video game distributor is proud to announce its plan to open a video game store in Italy, Rome.

Video games are a phenomenon that has been cultivated over the past several decades and only recently have become accessible to the common man. They provide everything from sheer entertainment value, to moral-enforcing stories, to educational opportunities. As a result of this value that video games have brought, video game stores have started to become centers for communities of games. These stores often host events, meetups, competitions, and more, foster a sense of community and providing value to the region in which they are set up. To meet the demand for these video game stores, a franchise by the name of 16Games has opened over fifteen stores across Italy. Today, the franchise, empowered by the passion of one hopeful franchisee, is excited to announce its plan to open a 16Games store in Rome itself.

This franchise location would run by none other than Diogo Miguel Guerreiro Ferreira. Although Ferreira is still young, he boasts seven years in the video game retail industry and places great emphasis on the customer. Ferreira has always dreamed of owning his own business, and this is the perfect opportunity. By creating a store environment that is centered around the client, Ferreira aims to create an accepting community of gamers who will mesh perfectly with the events hosted by 16Games.

16Games itself hosts an annual tournament and keeps its shelves stocked with all of the latest games. Even the 16Games website features a selection of community resources including strategy guides, a section just for girl gamers, and a well-kept blog, furthering the sense of community created by the 16Games franchise. Thus, Ferreira hopes by opening a store in Rome; he will create a center for gamers both within the area and visiting the area to discover new games, friends, and resources.

Sadly, opening a new franchise location is no easy task, and this task is only complicated by opening in the economic center that is Rome. To aid in the opening of this franchise location, Ferreira is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, donors will be rewarded with a variety of perks ranging from customized phone cases to an all-in experience for 2 that will bring the backer to Wrestlemania or Summerslam. With the support of readers, Ferreira hopes to achieve his dream of owning a business while creating an accepting community and video game resources for gamers in Rome.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Company Name: 16 GAMES
City: Rome
Country: Italy
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