Mobile app and website designed to improve adherence to treatment regimens through self-directed reminders to take medications, refill prescriptions and visit healthcare providers. The app is free to download and free for the first week after which it costs $8.99 a month.

Telestar LTD today announced the launch of Medication Call Reminder, a platform for sending automated phone calls, mobile application and website ( The platform is designed to improve adherence to treatment regimens through reminders to take medications, refill prescriptions, and visit healthcare providers.

The Medication Call Reminder mobile app which you setup the reminders can be installed and works with both iPhone® and Android™ devices. However, because many old people do not have or use a smartphone, the reminder phone calls can be made to all kinds of phone, including fixed lines.

The mobile call reminder can be set a number of automated messages like ‘do not forget to take your medication’, etc. You could also record your own personalized message with your voice where you can say the medication name, dosage and add anything personal if you want.

“Our medication reminder service was designed for caregivers taking care of an aging parent. As we get older and at some stage, sooner or later, we change roles with our parents and they will need our support,” said Richard Diamond, spokesperson for Telestar LTD. “So how does the medication reminder help us? Our parents take a lot of medications, either routinely or as a treatment for a specific medical situation. With the Medication Call Reminder service, you can help them remember their medication without investing any time. You make the reminder setup and get status notification to your phone if something goes wrong. It’s all done from your own smartphone so you can be at work or anywhere else. You are in control even when they are far away.”

The Medication Call Reminder app can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the website.

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Telestar LTD started as a small group of friends with a passion for information technology and software development. Dedicated to building feature-rich alternatives that set standards for other apps. Telestar LTD is the developer of telecommunication apps, the main other apps are ‘Call Recorder – IntCall’ for recording phone calls and ‘Call Voice Changer’ for changing the voice over the phone and adding fun voice effects. The apps have more than 20 million downloads.

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