SysTools Cracks WannaCry Ransomware with its Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Solutions

Through this bulletin, this is to notify all readers that SysTools cracks WannaCry attack and resolve numerous of cases to retrieve complete data without paying Ransomware in Bitcoins.

Springville, Utah – May 25, 2017 – One of the esteemed software organization in the domain of data recovery, digital forensic, and cloud backup SysTools Software has cracked WannaCry attack with its precise solutions. The organization has resolved various cases of Ransomware and recovers all the crucial data.

Ransomware has been hitting several of businesses as well as government organizations for the illegal financial gains. However, there is a massive gap between being aware about Ransomware WannaCry attack and being its victim. This is mainly spread by infected software, attachments via mails, or by utilizing compromised sites. The victim is asked to pay a Ransom in return of the decryption key, to free the data.

According to the reports, SysTools Software has cracked the Ransomware WannaCry Attack at its Digital Forensic lab and resolved number of cases as mentioned:

Case 1: “Few days back one of the National Highway contractor receive an attachment in his mail that contains the discount coupons. When he clicked and tries to open the attachment in his system within few moments he received a message to pay the specific amount to utilize his all stored data.”

Case 2: “As everything is online so most of the educational universities use to manage all their data online. One day the university was unable to access their data and just receiving the message for paying the specific amount of Bitcoins to utilize the data. As all the data was encrypted because of which university was unable to declare the results of students, which in return affected the complete educational system.”

Case 3: “Some days before, the manager of the MNC open the compromised sites and got the pop-up message. By mistake, she clicked on the pop-up button and the PDF file started downloading on her system. While working, she found all her database got encrypted. Whenever, she was trying to utilize her data she was getting a message to pay Ransomware in Bitcoins”

According to reports, SysTools has come up as a significant and business leader in the extensive domain of data recovery. In this era of digital, data plays vital role for all end user or for company. Being electronic data, most of the time users face numerous of problems such as the discussed cases of Ransomware attacks, which produces a feeling of impossibility among them. To comfort the users, they have emerged out various solutions to simply handle the priceless data in a wise way.

Director of the SysTools quoted the following statement “When the news came about Ransomware attacks then, our team of experts gets into the work to find the solution to decrypt the database to resolve this crisis. The main aim of our organization is Simplifying Technology by providing proper products and services to the users. We have resolved various cases of Ransomware WannaCry Attack as we are well acquainted with the challenges, which users face. Thus, we thought of developing relevant solutions, which could put an end to all the trouble.”

Ransomware can be as dangerous as you let it be. As long as you keep an eye on backup practices & safeguard the replication of every data updated or changed on your system even an attack as catastrophic as Ransomware, cannot mark anyone. We understand core technology behind the data encryption and further come up with tremendous solutions to decrypt the database without paying a Bitcoin.” The following statement was quoted by the Forensic Expert of SysTools.

Reportedly, SysTools software has the solution to decrypt all the file types that includes .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pst, .ost, .msg, .eml, .vsd, .vsdx, .txt, .csv, .rtf, .bak, .tar, .tgz, etc.  Not only this, the SysTools has also cracked the WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r, WCrypt, WCRY Attacks as well with its one-stop solutions.

We are the data people we always understand the issues faced by the users and offer them the simplified way to overcome from that issue. In the present arena, we are encircled with various applications that help users to overcome from the widely-faced issue Ransomware attack.” said Lab Developer of SysTools.

According to reports, resolving the cases by offering tremendous software solutions involved expert supervision provisioned from Lab Development Team Director, Product Development Department Director, and other technical department superiors. The solutions are innovated, initiated, and accomplished by the lab team members along with product development team.

About SysTools:

The organization has developed cost effective solutions, which renders simple as well as accurate solution for users. Known for the dynamic and result-oriented product, this brand is in the glare of publicity due to expedient tools.

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