Heike M. Cobaugh Announces Her New Book: ‘STANLEY.\’

A Tale Of How One Little Sperm Created a Miracle Has Been Accounted To Inspire Children.

May 25, 2017 – Renowned author Heike M. Cobaugh has announced that she will be releasing her new book titled ‘STANLEY.’ A humorous book of a sperm and his adventures on the way to his destiny. Chronicling the childhood and adolescence of Stanley who lived a normal life.

He earlier discovered that his greatest mission in life is to unite with an egg inside of mom’s belly. And he also knows there will be millions of sperms competing with him to get to the egg. So he decided to get ready and win this all important race, beating millions of other sperms.

As an experienced author who lived many years in the USA, Australia, and Africa, I have been writing German professional books and now launching my first English Children’s Picture Book.

“The story itself got crafted for young children from 4 to 8 and its purpose is to introduce children, in a fun way, to the concept, that daddy has sperms and mommy has eggs, and together they create a baby (fertilization).” Said Heike M. Cobaugh while introducing her new book. “A story full of adventures and learning experiences. Funny, endearing and non-threatening with charming illustrations.” She added.

According to Heike M. Cobaugh, the book is already available for purchase on Amazon at $0.00 (Free).

It will also be published in German later on June. While the print version, hardcover, and paperback editions will be ready by August. Moreover, the passionate writer who is also a personal development and leadership development coach is welcoming every child to read this account of Stanley’s life and get an explanation of where babies come from.

It will be sold for free in the next couple of days and then for $2.82 OR 2.99 worldwide.

To find out more about Heike M. Cobaugh, please visit: http://www.cobaugh.de

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