Mentionology Freelancer Offers Premiere Feature Article Service On Forbes, USAtoday, And More

Mumbai, India – A mere mention in a top tier publication is a powerful, age-old marketing technique which guarantees instant visibility and a vast audience outreach. Mentionology, the Mumbai, India-based mid-size firm specializing in providing digital businesses with freelancer-fulfilled guest posting, editorial publication and PR-related services, has recently recruited a prominent freelancer who can provide companies and professionals with pitching, bespoke content creation, and publishing services on top-tier publications such as Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Inc, Entrepreneur, USA Today,  Valuewalk, and more.

As a freelancer escrow platform, all business conducted through Mentionology involves connecting clients with expert freelancers, whose services they can commission through the website’s user-friendly designed portal. The feature article interview service is, to date, Mentionology’s most popular offering, as a growing number of companies understand the importance of securing a spot in some of the world’s most popular and esteemed publications.

“In the digital era, such mention is archived in the form of online content, which can be retrieved, at any time, and from anywhere, making investing in a feature article service a smart business move” said Mrs. Shere, founder of Mentionology. She continued, “Our feature article interview services have already garnered rave customer reviews.”

Commenting on the website’s future, Mrs. Shere said that “As the Mentionology community grows, we hope to attract top freelancer talent, so as to cater to the digital marketing needs of companies both big and small; as well as national and multinational business brands of any industry. We aim for Mentionology to become the web’s go-to freelancer service portal, and we are confident that we will reach our goal much sooner than expected.”

Mentionology currently offers six type of services provided by six different freelancers, including brand mention services on publication such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance.

The company has hinted that it is in the process of reviewing many freelancers and their respective services, with the intent to expand the website’s team of master freelancers with access to top-tier publications in the near future.

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