TOTOLE Ads Debuted the Billboard at Times Square

Recently, a piece of ads of TOTOLE got published in the billboard at New York Times square, the first screen in the world. Even through the screen audience can capture the nice smell of food and the sweetness of love. Such a debut at Times Square, known as “the world crossroads”, shows to the world TOTOLE’s emphasis on family love.

As a world-renowned condimental brand, TOTOLE has been producing a series of popular condiments in persistent pursuit of the goal “high quality and good taste” . Today, in China, there are 30 million families and 200,000 restaurants using our products per day. From raw material selection to packaging techniques, the whole procedure has reached the international advanced level, which ensures a good taste of products. It is the high standard make TOTOLE the best condimental brand in Chinese consumers’ eyes.

The romance of love is widely get eulogized, but the ordinariness of marriage life should not be neglected. Upholding the idea, TOTOLE Company, by virtue of its uniqueness and excellent products, attracts the masses’ attention to May 27th (527). The numbers 527, pronounced in Chinese, is homophonic to a WoAiQi (I love my wife.). Thus this day is specially created for females who have a husband or a boyfriend. On this day the husband or the boyfriend will prepare a delicious course for his beloved one. The course, with selected ingredients, accompanied by the condiment of TOTOLE and love from the special cook, brings to the wife or the girlfriend the greatest taste and satisfaction. After all, to seize love is to the lover’s stomach.

The debut at Times Square a major move of TOTOLE Company to get its voice heard. This time, TOTOLE calls for love at the “crossroads of the world”. As expected, more attention should be paid to the Wife-loving Day and more actions should be conducted by the males to express their love towards their beloved one. There is a tip for males – cook carefully every day and love your wife forever.

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