Introducing Safaroma, a Movement and a Brand to Empower Afghan Women with Saffron

Safaroma seeks to provide economic stability to Afghan women while working to reduce the Afghan drug trade and providing the valuable product of saffron to the western world.
When it comes to Afghanistan, the public knows about war, crime, and the opium drug trade (most of the world’s deadliest drug comes from Afghanistan). Now, Afghanistan is growing something very positive: saffron. Saffron farming is poised to overtake opium and empower its mostly female farmers. According to the World Bank, 80% of saffron farmers are women, many of them war widows who are empowered to provide income for their families and education for their children, thus rebuilding their lives and country.
Saffron is a gentle spice made from a type of Iris flower called the Crocus, and it grows exceptionally well in Afghanistan. In fact, Afghan saffron has won multiple international awards for its quality. One up-and-coming company by the name of Safaroma noticed this as an opportunity to help better the socioeconomic standing of women in Afghanistan while providing high-end saffron to consumers around the world. 
By helping to increase production of saffron in Afghanistan, Safaroma will help to drive down the currently high price of saffron, making saffron a standard tea sweetener and cooking spice. Thanks to this new classification of saffron, the demand for saffron as well as the number of women employed as saffron farmers will skyrocket. Additionally, saffron farmers will be paid more because the saffron production encouraged by Safaroma follows all fair trade protocols. As a result, many more women will become the breadwinners in their families, giving them more social status and ending their vulnerability to forced marriage and other human rights violations. 
As an added benefit, the land that all of this saffron production requires is the same land that is used for poppy flower cultivation. With the increased production of saffron, Safaroma will be discouraging poppy flower farming, which is essential to the Afghan opium drug trade. In turn, the opium drug trade in Afghanistan will be challenged while the far healthier saffron will be produced en mass. To help make this movement become a reality, the Safaroma team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, those interested in supporting the cause can order Safaroma tea and donate saffron seeds to the Afghanistan farms that will grow Safaroma saffron. With this support, the people at Safaroma hope to make Afghanistan a better place for women while inhibiting the illegal opium drug trade and providing a healthy and tasty product to all.
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