Rochester, NY – May, 25, 2017 –, a full-service, relationship-based digital platform developed specifically for women who are intent on understanding their man’s wants and needs better, this week released their latest informational article, How to Save Your Marriage – Try These 6 Easy Steps, for all couples in fear of losing their lifelong bond. 

Developed to be a free informational trove for women of all ages and backgrounds, updates weekly with articles, blogs, information, tricks, tips, infographics, and videos to cover every question and inquiry a woman could have about her relationship.

“Most women will agree it is extremely difficult sometimes to understand a man’s wants, needs, frustrations, and apprehensions,” said Gina Davis, Founder and Owner of “Our site is here to curb that confusion and provide expert insight, all for free, on what women can do to ensure their relationship endures.”  

Helpwithmen’s marriage article goes through six constructive tips for saving marriages: taking time to listen to partners, finding calm and constructive ways to express feelings, considering taking time apart when the time is right, finding the compassion to forgive, finding shared objectives to focus passions on, and working through sex lives. 

The article is equipped with illustrious infographics for breaking down men and women’s thought processes, as well as a step-by-step video guide for saving one’s marriage starting today. 

“Sustaining a healthy and successful marriage is no walk in the park,” said Gina “We understand that, which is why we’ve worked hard to produce a comprehensive article with accompanying features that breaks down exactly what women need to do to create their ideal marriage environment.”’s latest piece is for women who are newlywed, feeling monotony in their marriage routine, or who fear divorce may be on the horizon. 

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