BBBGEM: Morganite Vs Diamond, They’re Different Stones

This is a research from ​BBBGEM about morganite vs diamond. This Comparation is from 5 aspects: Market; the definition; color, hardness; Price; Daily Wear.


Morganite is the much more cost-effective gem than diamond. In daily wearing jewelry arrangement, morganite fills a big amount of market share. It is one of the diamond alternatives. Big diamond is too expensive, as a result the gemstone with small diamonds are much more affordable. The diamond wedding rings for her with tiny or small diamonds is also very popular in today’s market.

Comparison of the definition:

Morganite gem: pink beryl stone also known as Morganite, the color is pink, light orange to red, rose, pink. It is named from the famous American financier J.Pierpont Morgan. Morganite’s color comes from its trace elements Mn, a small amount of rare metal cesium and rubidium substitution, so that its density and refractive index show high. From a different point of view, we can see that Morganite appears a delicate subtle color changing that is biased towards light pink and deep pink with micro blue.

Diamond: diamond is the carbide after human treated, carbide is a kind of natural mineral, is the original stone of diamond. Simply put, diamonds form by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions, known as a symbol of love and loyalty.


Color, hardness other attributes:

1, the diamond is cubic crystal gem, with a magnifying glass can not see the ghosting; The fire dispersion index is 0.044. It also comes in green, blue, yellow, pink, and red. The color is usually stable. 

2, Morganite’s color usually is pink for peach, with clarity VS-VVS. Heat treatment can change the color, green and blue changing to blue, light blue into deep blue, yellow green to blue, orange to pink, etc. These treatments are usually at 400-450 ℃ temperature, The result is stable, belonging to the optimization type, without specifying. Irradiation treatment is a common treatment for beryl, it can make colorless beryl into yellow, green blue, pink orange and so on.


Compared the price of Morganite and diamond, with same weight, the price arrangement is: Morganite < diamond. We can easy purchase a ​rose gold morganite halo engagement ring under $500 with a 1 carat weight, but a 1 carat diamond ring is much more expensive.

Daily Wear:

Morganite is relatively soft.It is easy to get dirty.If you wear it daily,take off your morganite ring before you take a shower, wash dishes,etc. Because if the morganite get in touch with the acid-base, it will cause a chemical process and the color of the gemstone will be damaged.

Diamond is extremely hard and scratch resistant. It will chip if you hit it hard enough, though. It doesn’t need to be taken off when you take a shower but you should also take care while wearing it.


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