FUTURAYS: Crowdfunding to Unlock Parts of the Science Fiction Feature Film, POLYEDRE VOLUME

Martinique, FR – FUTURAYS is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a crowdfunding campaign to support the science fiction feature film POLYEDRE VOLUME, an independent audiovisual production directed in Martinique (a French West Indies) in 2016 by Julie HELOÏSE, Johana HELOÏSE and Janet HELOÏSE and proposed on SHOW AND DANCE.

“Who has never dreamed of having an award? Now, it’s possible with the SHOW AND DANCE CLAP AWARDS 2017, where FUTURAYS will be unrolling the red carpet,” said Julie HELOISE, President of FUTURAYS, “The principle is simple, by participating in the video event SHOW AND DANCE CLAP AWARDS 2017, you choose the awards you wish to receive and Internet users get to watch the feature film, POLYEDRE VOLUME, for free.”

By becoming a contributor in this crowdfunding campaign, you unlock different parts of POLYEDRE VOLUME, which are currently only available on-demand on Vimeo. FUTURAYS is organizing the SHOW AND DANCE CLAP AWARDS 2017 as a thank you to each contributor and to award backers with a prize.

The creators are asking that you support the talented team behind POLYEDRE VOLUME through this crowdfunding campaign, thereby encouraging the three directors of this film to continue their passion for cinema and making the audience dream.

POLYEDRE VOLUME is more than a feature film, it’s an innovative and educational project which highlights future artistic talents,” explained Janet HELOISE, one of the three directors of the film, “The participants of the film POLYEDRE VOLUME were initiated to the acting profession during audiovisual workshops proposed on SHOW AND DANCE in 2015-2016, through the realization of this film.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including access to the science fiction feature film POLYEDRE VOLUME, and more.

For more information, please visit the FUTURAYS website here or contact the creator below.

Media Contact
Company Name: FUTURAYS
Contact Person: Julie Heloise
Email: futurays.marketing@gmail.com
Phone: 596 696 36 04 99
Country: France
Website: https://www.futurays.fr/polyedre-volume-crowdfunding