Positive Changes Brought to Airwheel Smart Electric Assist Bicycle R5 Owners

Riding Airwheel electric assist bike R5 to commute is a green way of commuting. It is fashionable and efficient. Commuting with an R5 may bring more positive changes to daily life.

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Due to the fast working pace and improved living standards, most people choose to drive to work. But it is noticeable that car exhaust gas is a key source of air pollution. No one can actually stay out of the environmental protection issue. If some wish to make a little contribution to the eco-friendly career, they can at least choose a green vehicle. Airwheel electric assist bike R5 is worth the attention.

Airwheel electric assist bike

As a green vehicle, the citizen e-bike is integrated with a Li-ion battery and therefore realizes zero emission. The battery is protected by 8 circuit protections and enjoys safer performance. It takes about 3 hours to get a full charge. The battery is removable. It is integrated with a USB port and is able to charge other electronic devices in case of emergency. The battery can be charged over 800 times ideally. Even after fulfilling its duty, it can be disposed in an eco-friendly way.

electric folding bike

In fact, R5 offers a greener choice of commuting. It has inherited the chain drive system of traditional bikes. The electric folding bike is able to function as a traditional bike. Riders pedal to drive the vehicle ahead. It is both a way of conserving environment and keeping fit. The pedaling journey can be seasoned with some music played by Airwheel smart helmet C5. It helps to vent the annoyance and keeps good mood. Regular riding helps to burn extra calories and keeps mind sharp. Once people keep riding, they can harvest good health in the long run. If some people wish to pedal in a labor-saving way, Airwheel R5 also offers a power-assistance riding mode. The vehicle will output some energy to assist riders to pedal.

Sometimes, it takes courage to accept new things. But once people takes a small step and makes a little change, they can find positive changes in life. Riding sounds exhausting but Airwheel citizen e-bike R5 can offer a comfortable journey. It is no less efficient on the congested urban environment than automobiles. 

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