Discriminatory Policing Policies Explored in New Documentary Film

Brooklyn, New York: From the Heart Productions is the fiscal sponsor for a documentary film called ‘Middle Men,’ which exposes the issues surrounding certain policing policies currently in use in the United States. The film’s producers are seeking funding until June 30th through Crowdfunding.

‘Middle Men’ paints a clear picture of policing in the context of race, targeting, mass incarceration, and democracy, while exploring the complexities of working as a police officer (a middle man) who is required to make a certain number of arrests in order to meet his quota.

The topic of quotas is addressed on the film’s website with a #GotQuota #StopQuota campaign. “We hope this campaign will spread,” says Director & Producer Rochelle White of Mindz Productions. “If it does, we think people will become aware of the quota system being used to define crime in our country.”

The film consists of a number of interviews with parents who have lost children to police violence, police officers, lawyers and professors. The focus is on an accountability tool known as ‘CompStat,’ which is used to force police officers into meeting their monthly quota, a pre-determined number of arrests and summons. ‘Middle Men’ explores the idea that CompStat is responsible for creating resentment and discord in some neighborhoods which has resulted in increased instances of police brutality. It also addresses the suggestion that CompStat is responsible for low morale among police officers.

From the Heart Productions is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique films that contribute to society get their films funded. Founded by Carole Dean, the goal is to “encourage and support the concepts of visual voice…social justice and equality… government transparency and anything and everything else that improves and enhances the human experience.”

The ‘Middle Men’ team is requesting financial help in order to successfully complete their project. All donations are tax deductible, and can be made through their Crowdfunding page.

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