Electric Fencing Safer than Barbed Wires for Animal Safety

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Professionals at Rural Fencing & Irrigation Supplies suggest that electric fencing is safer and better than barbed wires to protect animals.

Perth, Western Australia – May 26, 2017 – Rural Fencing & Irrigation Supplies, one of the leading suppliers of irrigation and fencing products explained how electric fencing is a better alternative to conventional barbed wires. The company asserted that their electric fencing in Perth is an affordable and effective method to control animals and enhance security on any property.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Through careful analysis, we can confirm that electric fencing is a better choice for perimeter protection. Electric fencing might sound dangerous, but they in fact cause no harm to animals. Our electric fencing products also consume less energy, hence you don’t have to be concerned about the rising energy bills.”

Electric fence is relatively easy to install than barbed wire. Holes are to be dug to support poles and install barbed wires, which is time consuming. The costs of maintenance and installation of electric fences are less as they require only fewer wires. Moreover, electric fences can train animals to stay away from the fence with negligible and memorable shocks that are safe & effective.

“Animals and barbed wires are never a good combination because they can cause injuries. They are specifically dangerous when animals try to trespass it, thus leading to fatal injuries in the process. On the flip side, electric fences restrain animals from even getting close to it, which is much safer and effective than barbed wires,” the spokesperson clarified.

Energisers that are designed with modern technology utilises less electricity, sometimes even lesser than normal bulb used in homes or offices. The company offers electric fencing solutions from the likes of Thunderbird, Tru-Test, Gallagher and Amacron. All their products come with a guarantee and will only require minimal maintenance.

Aside from electric fences, the company also offers a plethora of fencing and irrigation supplies in Perth including automatic gates, plain fencing, pool fencing, water tanks, pumps, wire netting, pet products, plywood and more. “Rural fencing benefits from superior management of pasture by containing animals and ensuring that they are in the right location at any given time. Electric fencing for sheep, horses, and cattle has been in use for 50 years. We guarantee that our electric fences will keep your perimeter protected for long,” the spokesperson said.

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