The All New EE6000 Wireless Borescope For Your Smart Phone!

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – 5/27/2017 — The Tech Garage.INFO in Twin Falls Idaho has recenlty made the all new EE6000 HD Wireless Borescope available to the public.  This tiny unit fits in the mechanic or technicians pocket and apparently captures images and video that makes the competition look like ancient technology.  Acoording to Mark Deaton the CEO of Gloabl Tech Enterprises which owns the Tech Garage – “We searched for almost 2 years for a manuafacturere that would help us build a better wireless Borescope!” 

Mechanics and Technicians everywhere claim the digital images and video produced by the tiny EE6000 Wireless Borescopes are so clear and vibrant that they render their expensive shop Borescopes obsolete.  AND, at around 1/10th the cost, the EE6000 is certainly causing a stir.

Its small, its compact, but don’t let the size fool you. This unit delivers stunning images and video, right to ANY smart phone!

AND, with the convenience of wireless you can now use the EE6000 on any of your devices. (Even multiple devices!)

Media Contact
Company Name: The Tech Garage.INFO
Contact Person: Mark Deaton
Country: United States