Chinese Spicy Foods Make the world Crazy!

Recently, many videos about tasting of spicy food went viral in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In those videos, a kind of instant noodle made in Sichuan, China has attracted more and more attention among international food connoisseurs.

On the internet, global people took part in a game of tasting Akuan noodles. Many of them cannot help drinking a large amount of water after the first bite of Akuan noodles. Though Akuan noodles was so spicy, its unique flavor was so fascinating that many people thought highly of it.

Akuan noodles gained popularity internationally. As a typical Chinese spicy food, Akuan drew extensive attention either. On Weibo, we find that the tasting videos shot by international food connoisseurs went viral. Meanwhile, many Chinese netizens were interested in foreigner’s reaction of tasting Chinese spicy food, and those interesting videos of tasting Akuan noodles were widely commented and reprinted.

As more and more people paid attention to the topic about tasting spice, a discussion referring to #eating spicy food is the specialty of Chinese people?# go viral in Weibo. So many people took part in the discussion that the topic became NO.1 hit in the topic list of food and NO. 5 hit of topic list in Weibo. Due to May 1st, more than 18 million people paid attention to that topic. Those videos had been played at least 30 million times.

In Chinese university campus, Akuan noodles also became a new fun favorite. According to Chinese media, there was a competition about eating Akuan noodles in Sichuan College of Media and Communications. The winner got a ton of Akuan noodles and 8888RMB.

Waht’s more, the official store’s distribution of Akuan noodles has reached 37000 in TaoBao the largest e-commerce platform in China.

In addition, global music fans in Chinese Strawberry Music Festival also tasted Akuan noodles. Akuan noodles’ flavor impressed all of them.

As far as food connoisseurs concerned, no matter which country they come from, the love to delicious food is similar. As more and more people pay attention to Chinese spicy food, Chinese spice is well-known around the world.

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