A Florida-based and a full-service sobriety organization excitedly announced their halfway house opening in Delray Beach, Florida.

Delray Beach, FL – May 29, 2017 – Great Awakening Inc.  is dedicated to providing community members with access to high-quality, effective, and community-oriented rehabilitation after addiction. 

As the number one place in the entire country for drug rehab centers, Delray Beach made sense for a Great Awakening halfway house. Unfortunately, since there’s a high influx of sober living homes and transitional homes in the Delray Beach Community, individuals are faced with lots of options, many of which are unequipped to provide the quality of care residents desperately need.

“Many homes in Delray Beach are mistaken for halfway homes when they are in fact transitional living homes,” said Mike, Founder and Owner of Great Awakening Inc. “These transitional homes are typically used to help prisoners adapt to normal life after being released from a long term sentence. They do not have the support, resources, and counseling needed for individuals looking to move past their debilitating addiction.” 

Transitional homes are incredibly dangerous for recovering addicts as they are filled with ex-prisoners, most of which leave jail with some kind of drug dependency. Since there is a huge lack of licensing and regulation structures to maintain the explosion of transitional homes in Delray Beach, Florida, Great Awakening wanted to break the norm and open a fully functioning halfway house.

Great Awakening has over 10-years of experience counseling and coaching individuals past their addictions. They focus on helping addicts to not only get sober but to also maintain a sober lifestyle long after their halfway homes. The Great Awakening draws on an abundance of resources and volunteers, as well as alumni to make their program as special and custom-tailored as possible.

“Our mission here is to provide a supportive and comforting home where everyone can meet friends and slowly transition into the person they were always meant to be,” said Mike. “Spread the word on the official opening of our Delray Beach halfway house facility, and head on over to our website to learn more about beating addiction through our Great Awakening community support.”

Great Awakening Inc is a certified FARR Member, which ensures a licensed and verified environment of care for individuals. A FARR accreditation means the Great Awakening works to ensure all levels of care are being addressed for every individual.

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