Introducing “You Got This!” by James Kademan, a Motivational Guide with a Difference

Madison, Wisconsin – Renowned business coach James Kademan’s new book “You Got This! A Motivational Guide for Achieving your Goals” is unique, unusual, and undoubtedly unprecedented. Written as a motivational tool to help business owners achieve their goals, it’s sure to cause speculation as well as controversy in the business world, if not the publishing world itself.

Kademan is making no apologies for his unusual approach. “This is a quick read that will drive you to achieve what you have been working on,” he explains. “Sometimes you just need a kick in the rear to get you moving. This is that kick.”

James Kademan has made a name for himself as the personable business coach for “Draw in Customers Business Coaching,” which he describes as the “quick and easy place” to get help and strategies for business owners.

Not to give the impression that Kademan’s work is superficial. Whereas most business coaches focus on numbers and business plans, Kademan uses the psychology of business as the cornerstone of his practice. Having studied a number of psychological avenues, he currently concentrates on what’s known as “Strategic Intervention” to help his clients achieve high levels of success.

Reaction to “You Got This” has so far been positive. An Amazon review posted by Robyn Jean reads: “I found this book and knew I needed to get it for a friend who was graduating in June…As my friend starts out on a new journey, this book is a great inspirational guide. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he gets it!”

The book is available through Amazon. You can also preview the entire book on YouTube.

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